• LHS Memorial Grove



    What is the Lancaster High School Memorial Grove?


    The Lancaster High School Memorial Grove is a grove of trees, which commemorates students, and faculty and staff members who have died while still a member of The Lancaster High Family. The grove also serves as an outdoor classroom area for LHS Science and Art students while beautifying the high school grounds, which are used by many members of the Lancaster Community.

    The Memorial Grove has been sponsored by the Lancaster High School Student Union and supported by the Lancaster Board of Education. A total of thirty students, faculty, and board members have been included in the initial grove. All those included in the grove passed away while they were a member of the school community. Planting began in the fall of 1993 and was completed in the fall of 1994. There is currently a tree for each individual who has passed away. In the future, the master plan can easily be utilized in the unfortunate event that a death should occur within our school’s population.

    (as of May 2022)


    Board of Education 

    Henry Dubicki (1987)

    Diana Miller (1978)


    Faculty and Staff 

    Neal Bradigan (1982)

    Carol Brill (1992)

    Terry Eberhard (2014)
    Carol Gliss (1995)

    Jo Anne Hepp (1998)

    Marvile Jamieson (1959)

    John Java (1999)

    Clarence Kemp Jr. (1984)

    Ursula Lundgard (2012)

    Dennis Miller (1999)

    Dorothy Natale (1977)

    Joseph Pawlowski (1979)

    E.K. “Mike” Ponvert (2012)

    Oscar Roaldi (1997)

    Germaine Scofield (2016)

    Doug Seil (2000)

    Frank Simon (1972)

    Marlene Sroczynski (1996)

    Richard H. Thomson (1988)

    Gary Witman (1994)



    William Andrews (1977)

    Charles Aquilina (1977)

    Martin Badding (1976)

    Carrie Ann Burger (1992)

    John Ciaramella (1984)

    Peggy Cooper (1980)

    Michelle Eckert (1996)

    Ryan Glascott (2000)

    Sharon Griffiths (1957)

    Heather Hein (1978)

    Chadwick Kulpa (2008)

    Keith Kuznik (2006)

    Jacqueline M. Isham (1989)

    Keith Kipp (1984)

    Rodney Lange (1974)

    Richard Lewis (1969)

    Alex Lynch (2005)

    David Meiler (1968)

    James Metz (2014)
    Bruce Miller (1961)

    Mark Phillips (1980)

    Joseph Potash (2006)

    Laura Lee Reigle (1984)

    Jana Roberts (1982)

    Nancy Rozler (1976)

    Kyle Stablewski (2008)

    Elon Strickland (1977)

    Tim Tulledge (2000)

    Edward Wanemaker (1993)

    James Wishart (1969)



    Lancaster Depew Rotary

    Class of 2001
    Class of 1969 – For Those Lost in the Vietnam War
    Tim Tulledge

    Glen Maddock

    John Ciaramella

    Gus and Heather Ruth Hein


Last Modified on May 10, 2022