EHS at LHS Meeting Dates for the 2020-21 School Year:
    Until further notice, all meetings to be held via Google Classroom/Google Meet from 2:30-3:00pm;
    Fall 2020- First Semester:
    Wed, 9/23/2020; General Membership Meeting; CANCELLED= Held via Google Class Assignment Survey
    Wed, 10/21/2020; General Membership Meeting; Getting Started; 2020-21 Expectations & Guidelines;
    NOV= Wed, 11/18/2020; General Membership Meeeting; Officially Congratualte Junior OFFICERS; Welcome NEW MEMBERs; Activity Committees;
    *** NEW DEC Date= Wed 12/9/2020; General Membership Meeting ***
    *** Note that this date has been moved up a week ***
    *** to avoid Ski Club conflict & Help "B" Students Attend! ***
    JAN= Wed, 1/20/2021; General Membership Meeting; Activities; Spring Plans;
    Spring 2021- Second Semester:
    (Hopefully at some point in Room #214)
    FEB= Wed, 2/24/2021; General Membership Meeting; Activities
    *** Normal Sophomore & Junior NEW Candidate Application Period 3/1/2021-3/12/2021 ***
    MARCH= Wed, 3/17/2021; General Membership Meeting; Vote in New Members;
    APRIL= Wed, 4/21/2021; General Membership & NEW MEMBER Induction Meeting;
    MAY= Wed, 5/19/2021; 2:20-3:00PM; Graduation Chords, New Senior OFFICERS for 2021-2022 (ROOM #214- FOOD- WE HOPE!) -