• nook        eReader Funding Project

    Begin implementing the use of eReaders in Lancaster school libraries to increase students' familiarity with both academic and technical reading.

    The Lancaster Central School District has an opportunity to provide access to this emerging technology to our students. The district understands the need to remedy this gap in technology and is seeking assistance from multiple funding sources in order to implement the plan in a timely fashion.


    • to help students better understand and use technology, which is prevalent in the real world;
    • to encourage the use of emergent technology in the educational setting;
    • to allow practice using eReaders in response to the changes in testing expectations from New York State;
    • to increase the number of books read by utilizing larger number of titles available to a child when he/she checks out an eReader;
    • to accommodate students with different learning styles and special education needs by allowing them to use the technology as an adaptive tool;
    • to encourage the reluctant reader through the use of technology;
    • to increase the love of reading through the use of up-to-date technology;
    • to allow for privacy in reading.


Last Modified on June 4, 2013