• EHS at LHS Attendance Credit &
    Service/Volunteer Hours Requirement:
    Beginning in the Fall of 2021-22, ALL EHS at LHS Members are required to attend a minimum of three (3) General Membership Meetings AND accumulate a total of eight (8) Hours of Attendance Credit PER SEMESTER.  You should absolutely plan, in advance, to attend most of the 8-10 General Membership Meetings- Held monthly from 2:30-3:00/3:10pm (Officers 2:20-3:20pm), September thru May; Days & Dates (TBD) are released annually in early September.  For EHS at LHS record keeping and credit balancing purposes, we include January in the Spring Semester.  Thus, FALL SEMESTER= SEPT-DEC; SPRING SEMESTER= JAN-APRIL; and, May is our Year-End Senior Celebration, New Member Induction Ceremony, & Graduation Cord Pick-Up.  Expectations and Requirements are listed below:
    1. Attendance- Attend the initial September Start-Up Meeting, three of four (3 of 4) General Membership Meetings per semester, the New Member Induction Ceremony whenever it is held, and the Year-End Senior Graduation Celebration normally held in mid to late May;
    2. Absences- Notify the Advisor IN ADVANCE via email for most excused absences, or within 48 hours if a sudden emergency situation or last minute conflict unexpectedly arises (Also, be sure to CC the club Secretary);  Members will lose "Active Membership Status" if they do not make at least three (3) meetings per semester, or if they accumulate two (2) UNEXCUSED absences over the course of the year (one may be made up).  Three (3) UNEXCUSED absences within a school year will result in the member being automatically dropped from the local LHS club chapter.  However, a written appeal for reinstatement may be submitted in writing, clearly explaining the circumstances and how things will change in the future;
    3. Attendance Credits- Accumulate eight (8) Total Attendance Credits for EACH SEMESTER:
      • Attendance at General Membership Meetings generally count as one (1) Attendance Credit, although some count as two (2) depending on their importance or activity.  Hours earned through attendance at General Membership Meetings are recorded, and do not require any additional proof;
      • DOCUMENT participation in additional EHS at LHS club sponsored activities/events, committees, community service, fundraising opportunities, and LHS volunteerism held throughout the course of the year.  Information regarding these opportunities and events are announced at each meeting, and are also posted on our Google Classroom stream.  In order to obtain Attendance Credit Hours other than those earned through meetings, members MUST COMPLETE & SUBMIT ATTENDANCE CREDIT HOUR SHEETS in person (with evidence as appropriate), to the EHS at LHS Hours-In-Bin found outside/inside the Advisor’s room, no later than January 15th for the FALL SEMESTER, and MAY 1st for the SPRING SEMESTER;  Students can pick up blank Attendance Credit Hour Sheets at the same location, or simply print the sheet from the link below (to be posted in September 2021).
      • Members can also earn one (1) additional Attendance Credit per semester by maintaining and providing evidence of a 90+ OVERALL Average in an 12APComp or 12APLitr course (ONLY);
      • A spreadsheet with Completed Attendance Credit Hours will be made available and posted/updated approximately 12/1; 2/1; 5/1; method/timing as yet TBD fr 2021-22;
    4. DUES- Ensure any required Dues are paid in full, and are up to date by 10/1 of the applicable school year; Local Chapter Dues are $10; Anticipated Registration & Initiation dues for NEHS are $15;
    5. SENIORS- English Honor Graduation Cords will be determined immediately following the April meeting (by May 1st), and will be awarded to those eligible at the End of Year Celebration in May;
    *** Any Senior who does not complete the required semester hours, or otherwise does not have an "Active Member Status" by May 1st of the Academic year, will not be eligible to receive an English Honor Graduation Cord ***