Art academy is an enrichment opportunity for students that excel in visual art. It is a once a week class that meets for a semester.  Artists explore new materials and ideas that are different from the regular art class and are given a chance to stretch their imaginations and challenge their problem solving skills. In the past, students have entered the "arts cool" contest through the Albright Knox Gallery, helped with the William Street art show, and have had their work exhibited in the Youth Art Month Show at the Central Avenue art space. It is a privilege to be in the academy at William Street and enjoy this wonderful experience that is provided to our young artists.
                   Only if you received a letter of recommendation from the school during the summer.
                  Students will have the opportunity to sign up to take ONE Art Academy class  The classes are held during BOCH  time and there may be conflicts with music, AIS, etc. at this time.  All classes that are in your son/daughter's current schedule take priority.  A student may sign up for art academy if: 
                            1. they received a letter of recommendation from the school
                            2. there is an open time slot that does not interfere with other scheduled classes
                            3. the homeroom teacher agrees that the student can leave the classroom during that time
                      HOW DO I SIGN UP?
    The week of September 14th, your homeroom teacher will be getting an e-mail with the names of those students that are eligible to attend and have received letters.  They will let you know if there are times that work in your class schedule.  If there is a time that you can attend and your teacher agrees, you will sign-up with  Mrs. Chambers in room C240 or Mr. Tripp in room B215.
    Your homeroom teacher will let you know when the schedule is set and what day you start.
     Art Academy Fall semester will begin the week of September 17th. Art Academy Spring semester will start the week of January 29th.