• Rescheduling Lessons

    At WSS students reschedule their lesson if it is at the same time as their swim class as stated in the WSS Student/Parent Handbook. Students leave all other areas to attend their weekly lesson. If their lesson is during lunch, students attend their lesson at their regularly scheduled time and then report to the lunch lesson tables located inside of the cafeteria to eat their lunch. If you have a late lunch, you leave your classroom 15 minutes early, go to the lunch lesson tables inside of the cafeteria, have lunch then come to your lesson at the lessons regularly scheduled time. It is a good idea to rinse your mouth out with water before coming to your lesson after lunch. This way you won't blow little food bits and/or sugar (which is harmful) into your instrument. If you need to reschedule for swim, please reschedule one week in advance. Thank you!

Last Modified on September 3, 2019