NYS Writing Standards for Third Grade:
    What will you be able to do as a third grade writer?
    I can write an opinion piece on a topic or text supporting a point of view.
    This means I will...
       -write about a topic stating my opinion
       -create a way to organize my reasons in a clear way
       -support the opinion with details
       -use linking words to connect opinions and reasons (for example, because etc.)
       -write a concluding statement
    I can write an informational piece about a topic with related details.
    This means I will...
       -stick to the topic I have chosen
       -use facts about the topic
       -use definitions
       -use linking words
       -use illustrations when needed
       -write a concluding statement
    I can write a narrative piece about something real or imaginary.
    This means I can ...
       -create a problem
       -introduce characters
       -use dialogue and details to show thoughts and feelings of the characters throughout the story
       -use words to show event order (first, next, then last)
       -write a concluding statement
    With help from my teachers I can...
       -write with a purpose
       -organize my thoughts
       -produce a finished piece of writing
       -plan, revise and edit my writing
       -use technology to produce and publish writing using keyboarding skills
       -gather information about a topic by researching it to learn more
       -use information from my experiences or gather information from other sources
       -take notes on information gathered
       -sort the information I've gathered into categories
       -I can write until I complete a piece for different tasks, audiences and purposes