• How do I study for a test?
    throwing balls
    Research Says 
         Most people's brains can process / learn three items of information quickly.  So, when you study with your child for a test, pick three vocabulary words, or three math facts, or three of whatever your child needs to learn. Drill and practice these three items until the information can be automatically answered by your child.  Yes, it's a form of memorization!
    To keep your child engaged ask a question and throw a ball, football, baseball, tennis ball to your child.  When they catch the ball they need to answer your question.  Do this until you think your child knows the answer automatically. Chances are after a few repetitions your child will have learned the information
                                                                                        Eliminate a Problem!!!
    After three items are learned, go onto the next three items.  After the second three items are learned  review all the items . Keep adding three items and reviewing all items until you have finished what needs to be learned.
    In order for anyone to retrieve information in the future, this new information needs to be practiced many times.  Practice at dinner, practice before bed, practice again before school, practice after school, practice, practice, practice. The more you practice with your child the easier the information will be for them to remember.
Last Modified on November 13, 2017