• Lancaster Central School District

    Mission, Vision and Beliefs


    The Lancaster Central School District's purpose is to provide our students with a comprehensive educational program that will allow them to develop fully the necessary academic and social skills to become responsible and productive members of a demographic society.


    The Lancaster Central School District, in collaboration with students, parents and community, promotes innovation and change in teaching and learning through a continuous search for the most effective and efficient ways of preparing students for the 21st century.


    The physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth of our students is our highest priority.  Teachers, administrators, parents, and community share the responsibiity for educational excellence.  All students can learn.  Learning how to learn is as important as what is learned. Students learn best when actively engaged in meaningful learning processes.  A safe, accepting, and caring environment promotes student achievement.  Respect for self and others will maximize potential.  Change provides an opportunity for growth. Individual, cooperative, and competitive experiences enable all students to reach their full potential. Students need to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Curriculum and instruction practices will incorporate opportunities to demonstrate learning.  Challening and measurable expectations increase individual achievement. Ongoing staff development is crucial to a quality educational program.  In a rapidly changing society, it is essential to become a lifelong learner.  It is important to develop responsible and productive citizens.