•  Expectations for Students



    All students assigned to the Central Avenue Suspension Program must arrive and leave by a school vehicle. The only exception is if a student has a verifiable doctor’s appointment or other legal excuse. This student must be picked up by a parent or legal guardian, but not by a friend. The parent or guardian must come into the school office to sign in or sign out the student. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.

    Students will require the following:

    All textbooks
    Chromebooks,Notebooks, binders, folders, class notes, and workbooks
    Writing utensils, calculators, colored pencils, rulers, protractors
    Lunch (If they do not bring a lunch, they may charge one, but no money will be accepted.)
    Appropriate school dress is required.
    Clothes that they can exercise in, such as sneakers (Physical Education class will take place every day.)

    Not permitted

    Medications (prescribed or over the counter)
    Drugs (or look-alikes), alcohol, herbs, bath salts
    Cell phones
    Lighters, matches, tobacco products, e-cigarettes
    Weapons, chains, illegal materials
    Drug paraphernalia
    Hats, visors, bandanas
    Revealing clothing or that which promotes inappropriate lyrics, drugs, sex, violence, inappropriate or innuendo-based language
    Jewelry (leave in locker)
    Chocolate, gum, candy, caffeinated or carbonated drinks
    Open glass, or resealable containers
    Students may not participate in any Lancaster Central School District activities and will not be allowed on school grounds until the suspension has been served.

    For the safety of all staff and students, school personnel can search students' bags and outerwear.



Last Modified on December 15, 2021