• Math Expressions is a comprehensive Kindergarten - Grade 6 curriculum that offers new ways to teach and learn the rigorous mathematics in the Common Core State Standards by combining the most powerful elements of standards-based mathematics with the best of traditional approaches, Math Expressions emphasizes in-depth mathematics through real world problem situations, modeling, conceptual language and Math Talk to help students build mathematical idea
    s that make sense to them.

    Unit 1 - Addition and Subtraction Within 20
    Unit 2 - Addition Within 200
    Unit 3 - Length and Shapes
    Unit 4 - Subtract 2-Digit Numbers
    Unit 5 - Time, Graphs, and Word Problems
    Unit 6 - 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction
    Unit 7 - Arrays, Equal Shares, Adding or Subtracting Lengths

    Your child will be taking math fact speed drills in class.  The drills encourage students to learn their basic facts very well. 


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