• Introduction to AIS Secondary Grades 7-8

    Academic Intervention Services (AIS) is designed to help students achieve the NYS Learning Standards. This is accomplished through additional instruction that supports the general curriculum or by addressing barriers to improved academic performance.

State Assessments Used in Grades 7-8
Formal Assessments used in Grades 7-8
Local Assessments used in Grades 7-8

eDoctrina (eDoc) is a scoring program - teacher developed testing throughout the school year and at the end of the school year.

Other Assessments Used Grades 7-8

  • The following assessments are given to students on an individual needs basis:

    • Basal levels tests
    • Woodcock-Johnson
    • WISC
    • WIAT
    • Stanford-Binet
    • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children
    • McCarthy Scales
    • WPPST
    • WRMT (Woodcock Reading Mastery Test)

    The following are referred to assess individual needs:

    • Behavior checklists
    • Discipline records
    • Attendance records
    • Physical disabilities screening
    • Homework record


Procedures to determine Math AIS instructional need: Grades 7-8
Procedures to Determine Math AIS Discontinuance
Description of Math Levels of Service Grades 7-8

Procedures to Determine ELA Services: Grades 7-8
Procedures to Determine Discontinuance of ELA AIS Services Grades 7-8
Descriptions of ELA Levels of Service