• AP 2D Design Photo 2       

    Students will be given summer Photo lessons through their school email which they will take and mand be prepared to turn in, come September. We will have a photo field trip in late September. We will choose from; Silo City, Forest Lawn Cemetery and Griffis Sculpture Park. Film camera and digital camera will be used on the field trip.
    First Semester
    In the first quarter they will take those summer pictures and make a contact sheet of them and place them in their computer files. We will have 8 weekly assigned lessons of different categories they will take and save them into their files and make a contact of each week and turn in for a grade.    
    In the second quarter students will begin learning new darkroom techniques. They will learn how to manipulate images using old and new negatives.  Those projects are: Weaving, Kaleidoscope, Lenticular Design Spacing project, and more. They will make collages from their darkroom lessons using manmade materials and images. The collage lessons will teach them how to use the rules of Elements and Prinples of Design.
    We will also have digital lessons connected to the use of our computer lab, Example woodcuts and other Adobe Photoshop lessons. 
    Digital lesson of Portrait and Figurative, along with other subjects which they will explore on their own.
    Second Semester
    In their Third Semester: Students will go into their folder files and start building their Breaths part of their AP Design component. If more photo's are needed, they will do this on their own. Students will now decide on their Concentration design component. Through searching what they have already done and with one on one meetings with me, they will find their main concepts for their concentration. New photo's and design elements will or may be needed, which they will do on their own, during and after class. They will work on making 12 concentrations throughout this semester.
    In their Fourth Quarter; Students will write up their statements to the AP board which will be attached to their AP portfolios. Students who will be sending their work to the AP board will notify their counselor and pay the AP fee of $94. Students will prepare all work to be ready for their exam day in May. This exam day is when their work is gathered and sent out to the AP board location. After work has been sent out, the students will do fun photo lessons of their and the teachers designs, in and out around the building. 
    Sincerely, Mrs. Mariani 
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