• Classroom Expectations

    Students have read, understand (ask Questions!), and agree to follow the Code of Conduct policy found on the district website and the LHS Academic Planner

    Students are expected to be on time for class (in assigned seats) when the bell rings and prepared with all necessary learning materials (i.e. homework, notebook, binder). A signed late pass is necessary after the bell rings to be considered on time. If a student is late to class 3 times they may receive detention per school policy.

    Students are expected to show respect to peers and instructor alike...if you have nothing nice to say.....

    Upon entering the classroom, students are expected to visit the FREE KNOWLEDGE Center for any handouts pertaining to the day's lesson. They should also review the board for any Essential Questions that need to be answered prior to the day's lesson. Both of these daily routines save/maximize instructional time and prepare students to learn

    If a student becomes disruptive/insubordinate during class, they will receive a verbal warning and may be required to stay after class. If disruptive behavior persists, students may be subject to parent contact, teacher assigned detention, or written referral leading to detention/suspension.

    Students have read and agree to the cell phone policy requirements.

    My goal is to provide an enjoyable and successful learning experience based on respect and participation. I have no desire to assign detention or confiscate phones but student cooperation is essential to make this goal a reality.

Last Modified on October 31, 2019