• Grading Policy

    Quarterly average will be calculated based on two types of assignments: Completion Grades and Assessment Grades .


    Completion Grades: These grades consist of formative skill-building assignments that receive full credit for authentic effort and accurate completion of an assignment. Partial credit will be given for Incomplete or incorrect homework. Zero credit will be given for homework not turned in. These assignments allow students to practice their skills as directed by specific tasks and receive feedback prior to assessment based assignments.

    Assessment Grades:  Assessment grades are summative grades that consist of quizzes or tests that assess student proficiency in utilizing various skill sets to meet specific objectives/tasks.
    Final Quarterly Average: Will be calculated based on the total points earned on all completed assignments divided by the total points possible on all combined assignments. There will be multiple possibilities for bonus credit each quarter.
    Students will not be able to gain credit for work assigned or collected on the date of an unexcused absence. This includes tests and quizzes. 
Last Modified on October 3, 2019