• Homework Policy

    1. It is the student's daily responsibility to check/confirm homework assignments from their Google Classroom. Homework may also be posted in the classroom but may not be as current as the Google Classroom homework section due to daily classroom circumstances. 
    2. All homework should be submitted by the due date. All late homework receives a 10-point penalty for every day an assignment is late. Homework that requires printing must be printed and ready AT THE START OF CLASS. Students will not be allowed to go to a printing station at the start of class to print homework which would result in a loss of instructional time.  After 5 days late-incomplete homework will not be accepted and will receive 0 credit.
    3.   If a student is absent the day an assignment is due, they are expected to turn in the completed assignment the day they return. Students should notify me when submitting their work that they were absent.
    4.   If a student is absent the day homework is assigned, it is their responsibility to meet with the instructor to arrange for make up instruction and a mutually agreed upon due date.
    5.   If necessary, students are expected to ask for help/seek clarification for a homework assignment before the due date.
    6.   Students will not be able to gain credit for work assigned or collected on the date of an unexcused absence. 
Last Modified on August 25, 2021