• Arts Academy Application Instructions

    Thank you for your interest in the Arts Academy!

    You are invited to join us for the Recital and Art Show on Jan. 14, 2020

    Arts Academy Video:

    Click here to view a short video about the Arts Academy!

    Arts Academy Informational Brochure:
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    Application Information:
    Step 1: Complete the Online Application
    All students complete the same online application (click on the "Academies" tab on the high school website to start the application).
    Step 2: Complete the Writing Sample 
    At the end of the application, students will receive instructions on the writing sample for each academy. This is the writing sample requirement for the Arts Academy:

    In addition to a strong background in visual or performing arts, membership in the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts requires leadership, dedication, motivation, teamwork, and commitment.

    Type a letter to the Academy of The Visual and Performing Arts and:
    --Explain why you want to be a part of the Arts Academy.

    --Describe a situation where you exhibited one or more of the characteristics listed above.

    --Explain how your favorite teacher would describe you.

    Step 3: Submit the Writing Sample and Sign Up for an Interview 

    When a student is finished with the writing sample, they will turn it in to either Mrs. Zolnowski (in room 143) or Mr. Hawley (in the art office, room 148). At that time, students will be asked to sign up for an interview.
    Step 4: Ask Three Teachers to Complete the Online Recommendation Form 
    When you submit your writing sample, you will receive information sheets about the online recommendation form.  Please ask three teachers to submit a recommendation for your admittance into the Academy.

    Step 5: Complete the Interview with Performance OR Artwork Review 

    Performance students will complete an interview with Mrs. Zolnowski, and they will need to be prepared to perform something (part of a solo or a section from one of their choir, band, or orchestra pieces). This helps Mrs. Zolnowski get to know the students and what they enjoy doing in music. Visual arts students will complete an interview with Mr. Hawley, and they will need to bring at least two samples of their artwork to the interview. This allows Mr. Hawley to view each student’s artistic strengths.


    If you would like to see the Arts Academy students in action, we have our Sophomore-Junior Recital and Art Show on Tuesday, January 14, 2020--sophomores begin at 6:30 p.m. and juniors begin at 8:00 p.m.
    If you are available, please plan to attend Academy Information Night at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 23, 2020.
    Please contact Mr. Hawley (Room 148/151), Mr. Miller (Room 149), or Mrs. Zolnowski (Room 143) with any questions!
Last Modified on January 12, 2020