• Parent Information

    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    Hello! My name is Mrs. Julie Buccieri and I am your child’s resource teacher this year. I’ve started getting to know your children and most seem excited and motivated to start their JUNIOR year! I also am very excited to start this journey with you.
    You should see that homework will start to be assigned and you’ll start to notice your children preparing for tests and quizzes in the upcoming weeks. Please utilize parent portal to monitor their progress on your end. I will do my best to keep you informed but parent portal is a great tool to insure there are no misunderstandings and that we are all on the same page. Please join my “remind 101” service to get updates on tests/quizzes/due dates. Info is on the next page.
    During our time together, your children will be given review material to assist them in studying. We will also look to improve upon their individual study skills as well. Time management and organization strategies will also be provided as time permits. Please keep in mind that the 40 minutes we spend together is not sufficient enough time to cover all the things that need to be addressed. Additional time outside of school will be required to insure academic success. I also strongly encourage our students to advocate for themselves by asking their regular education teacher for additional assistance when needed.

    The next two years will serve as a transition into the “adult world”. I am here to assist your student in becoming a confident, independent young adult. I will do my best to guide them along the way to see that their junior year at Lancaster High School is both educational and enjoyable.

    Please feel freeto contact me with any questions or concerns along the way. You know your childbest and any information that you think will be helpful will be appreciated.You are welcome to call me during the day between 7:20am and 2:30pm andI will try to call you back as promptly as possible if I am not available. Mydirect phone number is 686-3255 x9521If email is easier or your preferred method of communication, I can be reached at jbuccieri@lancasterschools.org

    I look forward to partnering with you for a successful year.



    Mrs. Julie Buccieri


Last Modified on February 15, 2019