• What Do We Do During Resource Period?

    The Resource Period is not a Study Hall. During this class, the following activities will be provided:

    · Study groups to provide preparation for upcoming quizzes and tests

    · Reinforcement of concepts taught in the core area academic classes through additional review sheets, study guides, workbooks, notes, etc.

    · Complete transition activities to help students know themselves better as learners and help prepare a plan for after high school.

    · Development of organizational skills through scheduling of project work and setting up of intermittent due dates for completion to assure completion of entire project on time

    · Development of independent study skills to achieve school success

    · Set goals and monitor progress to accomplish IEP/504 requirements

    How to Be Successful in the Resource Program

    There are several things you can do to be successful in the Resource Program. They include:

    · Completing your homework each evening and handing it in on time

    · Asking either your academic or resource teacher for help with concepts or work you do not understand

    · Participating in review classes and study groups during the Resource Period

    · Participating in after school study groups held by teachers to prepare for exams

    · Completing any extra credit assignments

    · Arriving to classes on time with all materials needed for that class


Last Modified on February 15, 2019