Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. James Lyons

I have a Bechelor's Degree from Buff State in Spanish Secondary Education and a Master's from UB in Spanish Language. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. During my college years I spent two summers working on a humanitarian project in Tijuana, Mexico. This experience launched me on my life's path. During my sophomore year I spent a semester in Sevilla, Spain as an exchange student. I lived with a wonderful family that I still consider family and we are close friends to this day. In 1987 I began working at a refugee resettlement house in Buffalo affectionately known as "la Casa" with people from trouble spots from around the world and the war-torn countries of Central America. As part of my duties I translated and interpreted their harrowing tales of persecution. I was so moved by the experience that I decided to move to Central America and see with my own eyes what was going on. In 1990 I had an invitation to work with an internationally acclaimed human rights organization in Panama so I moved there in that year. I spent a year working on projects promoting basic human rights in the city and the rural areas. It was an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience. I remained in Panama for two more years, married a lovely Panamanian woman and taught English as a Second Language. I returned to Buffalo in 1993 and began my career at Lancaster in 1994. I have taught all the levels of Spanish since then but my proudest achievement has been the development of the Advanced Placement class. In 2006 I received a Fulbright award to teach for a year in Argentina and Lancaster graciously allowed me to accept the award. My family and I exchanged places and essentially lives with an Argentine English teacher, Ms. Margara Perrens. You can see the blog that I kept as well as some of my pictures on another page of my website. While in the lovely, colonial city of Corrientes I also wore the hat of a journalist and was given a column in a local newspaper where I wrote about Western New York, being an American living in Argentina, similarities and differences, etc. I am also a certified translator and interpreter.

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