• Dear Parents,

         Welcome to your child’s second grade adventure! This year will be filled with many wonderful projects, challenging activities, exciting field trips, and much more.

         With the start of the school year, there is so much information to hear about. This guide is designed to give you a summary of the most important things going on in our classroom.

    Schedule: We have lunch from 12:10 – 12:40 every day.

             Monday:     Physical Education

                Tuesday:    Physical Education & Music

             Wednesday:   Art

             Thursday:    Physical Education

             Friday :       Art  and Music

     Backpacks: Let your child see what is being packed and unpacked. Have your child bring their take home folder, agenda , spelling journal, and backpack  every day. Please place any notes in the take home folder.

     Lunch: The children will be independently signing up for their lunch as part of the morning routine. If your child is buying lunch, please discuss the menu choices with him/her each morning. This will help to ensure he/she will know which lunch they are ordering.

     Snacks: Each afternoon we will be taking time for a small snack. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack that is easy to eat ( fruit, carrot sticks, granola bar,etc.). By filling your child’s stomach with a healthy snack he/she will have more energy to learn and play.

         Your child is welcome to bring a filled water bottle to school each day. The water bottle should have a pull up sport top to avoid as many spills as possible. Please do not send in soda or juice boxes for snack time.

     Book Club Orders: I will be ordering from two different book clubs this year. The order forms will be sent home each month. These clubs provide wonderful selections at inexpensive prices. If you choose to order, please return the completed slip by the date marked on the back. Please make one check payable to Scholastic Book Club for all orders. No cash please.

     Classroom Birthdays: Parents are welcome to send in a treat for their child’s birthday. Please send in a note the day before so that I can plan accordingly. Please remember to also send in napkins with your treat.

    ** If your child would like to have a cookie cake for his/her birthday, please cut the cake prior to sending it to school ( we do not have knives in the classroom.)

    Home Birthday Parties: Many families like to host birthday parties at home for their children. Instead of passing out invitations at school, please mail them from home. Space and financial limitations often necessitate a limited number of guests and children’s feelings can be hurt when they do not receive an invitation in school. A class directory will be sent home shortly. Thank you for your cooperation.


    Planners: Your child will write each night’s homework into his/her planner. Please check the planner each night. Planners should be brought back to school each day.


    Behavior Plan: We will be using the Turn-a-Card behavior system. Each day the students begin with a green card, which means they are having a great day. If a student needs frequent reminders for inappropriate behavior they must turn a card.

    Green: Great day! ( 15 – 20 min. of choice time)

    White: 1st intervention– “I’ ll try harder.”  ( 5 min. out of choice time)

    Yellow: 2nd intervention – “ Get it together.” ( 7 – 10 min. out of choice time)

    Red: 3rd intervention – A child turns to red if his/her behavior continues to be disruptive. Children who turn to red must write in the classroom

    Responsibility Book , where they will reflect on their behavior. A copy of this page will be sent home as well.

     Spelling: Students will receive a new list of 20 words each week. There will be daily homework ( M-TR). Spelling tests will be given every Friday. The grading system will be explained in a separate note. Spelling journals should go home each night to study.

     Classroom Parties : This year will be filled with many special parties. Sign-up sheets will be available at Open House. I will be asking for two parent volunteers to chair each classroom party. 

    “Leader of the Pack” : Beginning in late September, we will be celebrating “Leader of the Pack” Each week one child will be randomly selected . During this special week, your child may bring in 2 to 3 pictures to display on our interview board. They may also bring in 1 special item to share with the class each day ( trophy, toy, book, etc.) . Due to allergies, please do not bring in animals.

     Communication: Please feel free to send me notes, e-mail, or call me when you have a question or concern. I always try to respond quickly. The school’s number is 686-3280. My e-mail address is : jlucarelli@lancasterschools.org

      I am looking forward to a wonderful year.

     Mrs. J. Lucarelli