• AIS = Academic Intervention Services

    AIS is a NYS mandated program provided to all potentially at-risk students.


    Students are identified for needing AIS services based on one or more of the following factors
    or a low score on any or all of the following:

    -the 8th grade ELA

    -grade 8 ELA Common Assessments

    -8th grade ELA final average

    -STAR reading score
    -low achievement or performance in English classes
    -teacher, counselor, administrator, or parent referral


    Our Screening Process:

    ALL 8th graders are given the STAR reading assessment (a computerized test which covers the foundations of literacy skills: word recognition skills, vocabulary knowledge, and reading comprehension in context) to obtain an approximate grade level for reading ability.

    Based on 8th grade teacher recommendations, students STAR scores, and their scores on ELA common assessments, students are then assigned to AIS class as a way to provide additional support for students in need or those who may need help passing ELA 9.

    As incoming 9th graders, the STAR reading test is given to the entire class to determine if assigned students need to remain in AIS and if other students not identified are eligible.

    We have 2 levels of English AIS here at LHS:

    This means that students need direct instruction with their reading skills in order to understand grade level reading materials.

    We see students every other day for a full class period and work specifically on reading skills and strategies that will help them to read and write in all content areas.

    This means that the student is able to stay in their regular English class without the extra AIS class period for assistance.
    We monitor their ELA grades and receive teacher referrals.

    If a students begins to fail or needs extra help they are placed into an AIS class based on English teacher recommendation and schedule flexibility.



    AIS Students take the following tests throughout the course of the year to follow their growth and progress in class:

    -STAR Reading test (placement test for students in AIS program)
    -Any teacher-created assessment to reflect their grade level ELA exams
    -In-class work and progress monitoring assessments

    Class Conduct & Expectations:
    -Be Prompt
    -Be Polite
    -Be Prepared to work

    AIS is an opportunity to get extra practice and teacher support in order to improve literacy skills...reading, writing, grammar...

    Students in high school should be able to control themselves, behave appropriately in a classroom setting, and show respect to everyone and everything thing the school. If a student is unable to comply with classroom expectations they will be given consequences.



    ***I believe in self-discipline and personal accountability, if you choose to act in any way not appropriate of a young adult, the consequences are as follows: verbal warning, conference after-class, a written discipline referral to the administration and contact parent/guardian. Please note that all discipline problems will be handled on a case-to-case basis. Depending on the severity of the action, I reserve the right to skip steps of the discipline plan and go directly to parental contact or the administration.***


    Students who are able to: attend class regularly, follow directions, put forth effort, be respectful and sincere, and demonstrate skills with improvement will be rewarded and most likely not stay in AIS for very long.


    Students exit the AIS program after successfully completing all in-class work and tests and by:

    -Maintaining a 72% or better for 2 consecutive quarters in their English class

    -Passing score on in-class assessments

    Please refer to the NYS guidelines for AIS using the links below for more information.


    NYS Education Department AIS Guidelines


    NYS ELA Regents and AIS


    Know Your Rights

    Parents resources for the Common Core

Last Modified on October 5, 2020