• Classroom Rules and Expectations

    Show up

    LHS has a strict attendance policy and this class is no exception. I am also a stickler on punctuality. You have 5 minutes to get here; there are not many acceptable excuses for being late to class. Even if you are keeping up with the material, you will always miss something if you are late or absent from class.



    There is always something you can do to be better prepared in my class. Most students who do poorly do so because they neglect their work and/or have insufficient time management. This class will teach you time management. You will often have to juggle simultaneous assignments. This class is preparing you for the next phase of your life.


    Submitting work on time.

    Due dates are an important part of any scholastic experience. I adhere to them explicitly as will you. Daily homework MUST be on time (responses, journals, etc.). Points will be deducted if major assignments are late.


    Making up work after an absence.

    When you are absent, it is your responsibility to submit any homework or arrange to take any assessments you miss on the day you return. I will not remind you to make up work. It is your responsibility to ask if you have missed anything. If you forget, you will face consequences.


    Communicating with me.

    If you have a problem with anything, talk to me. I am here for you to succeed.



    Please be better than this. It makes you look bad and is disrespectful to me. Cheating is easy to recognize and I deal with cheaters harshly. You will receive a zero, without the opportunity of a make-up, you will be written up, and it is possible you could face legal charges.


    Being ready to work at the bell.

    When you arrive, have your notebook open, phone away, work out, and pen in hand.


    No photos or videos may be taken in or around the classroom without express permission.

    This includes Snapchat (including “selfies”), Instagram, etc. Additionally, cell phones are not allowed to be used in class at any time.


    Discipline Policy

    I believe in self-discipline and rarely have and discipline problems because I believe at this point you are adult enough to control yourself. Aside from the basic rules of proper behavior, I run a fairly loose classroom. I encourage thoughtful and lively discussions. Behavior and discipline should never be a problem for a high school student. If you choose to act in any way not appropriate of a young adult, the consequences are as follows: verbal warning, conference after-class, detention with me after-school (you will receive at least 24 hours notice so that arrangements can be made), phone call to your parents, conference with your parents, and finally, a written discipline referral to the administration. Please note that all discipline problems will be handled on a case-to-case basis. Depending on the severity of the action, I reserve the right to skip steps of the discipline plan and go directly to parental contact or the administration.

Last Modified on February 7, 2019