• Physical Education Policy and Procedures


    I. Physical Education is a full year course, which meets every other day using an odd/even

    II. Attire:

    In order to “Participate” in P.E. class students must be properly attired:

    -Shorts or sweatpants – no zippers / boxer shorts should not be visible.

    -T-shirt or sweatshirt – no tank tops or “spaghetti” straps

    -Sneakers/socks – laces should be tied

    -P.E. attire must be different from school clothes worn to school that day –

    for hygiene purposes.

    -All jewelry must be removed for all students’ safety.

    III. Locks:

    -Locks are not issued for P.E.

    -Students may bring a lock, but remove it at the end of class period.

    -Valuables are to be stored in students’ hall locker. We are not responsible

    for lost or stolen items.

    -Anyone caught stealing will loose his or her locker room privileges.

    -All clothing, books, etc. should be placed in lockers provided during class


    -Backpacks are not permitted in the locker room.

    IV. Grading:

    -Students are graded on a daily basis for participation.

    -Students are graded on participation (50%), skills tests, quizzes, & authentic


    -Grading is done numerically and averaged in with students overall GPA.

    -An “unprepared” for class counts as a zero, unless student attends make-up.

    -Make-ups will be offered bi-weekly with a maximum of 3 make-ups per quarter.

    -Three “unprepared” in a quarter will result in a detention.

    -Students are responsible for making up any missed work (quiz, skills test,

    mile run) due to an excused absence.

    V. Medicals:

    -A medical excuse from a doctor will be submitted to the school nurse and

    then be forwarded to P.E. teacher.

    -Students who are medically exempt from P.E. participation will receive a

    written assignment every two weeks until cleared by medical doctor to

    resume activity.

    -A one-day medical excuse from a parent/guardian should be given directly to

    the P.E. teacher at the beginning of class. Any problem lasting more than

    one day will require a doctor’s note.

    VI. Other:

    -Protective eye guards are available in the P.E. office.

    -Food, gum or beverages are not permitted in the gymnasiums, locker rooms

    or fitness room. Water only in fitness room.

    -ECIC (Erie County Interscholastic Conference) rules require all athletes to

    participate in their Physical Education classes. An in-season athlete

    (Modified, JV or Varsity) may not participate in a game or practice if Physical

    Education class is missed on that day due to an unprepared.

    -Students may not participate in intramurals if they did not participate in

    Physical Education class due to unprepared.

Last Modified on February 7, 2019