•         I am looking forward to fantastic year!  Kindergarten will be a time of tremendous growth and learning for your son/daughter.  I am so excited to start this journey with you and your child. I would like to provide you with additional information and suggestions that hopefully will make this first year of school for your child be the best year possible!

            The first several weeks of Kindergarten are very tiring for every kindergartner.  Although I realize it is difficult with today’s pace and activities, I urge you to establish a firm bedtime, which affords your child plenty of rest.  Ten to twelve hours of actual sleep are generally suggested for a five-year old child, as well as starting the day with a healthy breakfast.  These are key factors in helping your child cope with all the challenges of a full day in Kindergarten.

            Your child will use his/her red take home folder for important papers and notes.  It is important for you to send a note to school if there are any changes for going home other than what has been established as your child’s normal dismissal routine.  Please emphasize to your child that the notes should be given to me as soon as he/she arrives at school.  Please put all notes in his/her red “TAKE HOME FOLDER”, not loose in his/her bag. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to check all backpacks!


    Other important information:


    *Snack ~is every day. Please send in a healthy snack with your child every day!!!


    *Birthdays ~ may be celebrated in school with a treat for the class if you wish to do so. If your child has an allergy, please send in a separate bag of “special treats” in the beginning of the year and I will hold on to them. Your child can have one of their special treats when we celebrate birthdays in the classroom.


    *Open House ~ You will soon receive information about Open House.  We will discuss the Kindergarten curriculum.  We ask that only adults attend.  I hope to see you at this very informative meeting.


    *Behavior System ~ Our classroom will develop rules during the first week of school.  A copy of the rules and a description of our discipline policy will be sent home in September.  You will be asked to review and sign a copy of the rules that your child will also sign.


    *Learning About Each Other ~ A special friend will be chosen each day to share their All About Me backpack. They will be the star of the day and be the classroom leader.  Children are chosen randomly to be the special helper. 


    *Student Planners ~ This is part of the study skills component of our curriculum.  The planner will go back and forth between home and school every week (starting in late September).  Every Monday a homework insert will be stapled in the planner.  Your child will do his/her homework each night in the planner and return it to school the following Monday. There will also be math homework sent home during the week. Please return math homework sheets the next day.


    *Lunch ~ If your child is going to buy his/her lunch, please send the money to school in a change purse labeled with your child’s name.  At the beginning of the year, it is helpful to put the change purse in a place that is familiar to your child.  Also, please discuss your child’s lunch choice with him/her before they arrive at school.  This helps us to complete the lunch count each morning.  If your child forgets to bring money, a charge slip will be given.  Please remember to send in the money the next day. Snacks and milk can also be purchased in the cafeteria each day. Prices for lunches and snacks can be found on the monthly lunch calendar.


    *Monthly Newsletters ~ Monthly newsletters will come home near the first of each month to inform you of upcoming events and themes.


    *Absences ~ Please notify the school (686-3282) as soon as you know that your child is going to be absent.  You will also need to send in a written excuse upon the return of your child to school.


    *Transportation ~ A note must be sent to school EVERY TIME any of the following situations occur: your child is being picked up, your child is getting dropped off at a different bus stop, or your child is taking a different bus.  Also, children leaving early or arriving late (after 9:00 a.m.) must be signed in/out at the main office.  Children are not to be brought to school before the 9:00 a.m. start time.


    *Volunteers ~ There will be many opportunities to help out this year.  More information will come home in September about different ways to volunteer starting in October.


    *Parties ~ At Open House there will be an opportunity to sign up to contribute to and volunteer at our classroom parties.  We have a Halloween party, a Winter party, a Valentine’s party, and a Spring party.


              Thank you for your interest and support!

           I am looking forward to a very successful year!