• Photo collage of outdoor artwork and natural objects

    Class overview
    Thank you all for joining me in Ceramics Class!!
    I am so excited about CLAY!
    It is a material that many people develop a passion for that they carry with them for the rest of their lives...I hope you will join me and many former students in this love of sculpting, throwing, building, brainstorming, glazing and using this moldable, incredible material.
    Clay will hopefully surprise you, just like it did to me, when I was in high school...

    Welcome!! :-)


    -2 pocket folder
    -3 Plastic garbage bags: either the black or white bags
    -A plastic container with a lid: examples are an old Tupperware container or an old butter tub
    -old towel
    -an old fork

    Classroom Policies:

    1.Clean up after yourself and help others around you...teamwork.
    -put away your project
    -put tools away in the proper location
    -wash the table

    2.Be on time for class
    -we already have limited time, don't make it shorter
    -if you are late to class it will result in consequences

    3.No cell phone use
    -if you use it in class there will be consequences
    -phones should be off and kept in a book bag, purse, etc.
    -phones do not do work well when exposed to clay and water...

    4.Do not eat or drink in class (see me if extenuating circumstance)
    -chemicals in the clay and glazes make it unwise for you to eat or drink on or around the tables in this room
    -this is for your own health and safety

Last Modified on June 8, 2021