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    Jewelry I 

    Welcome!! :-)


    I'm looking forward to another great spring semester creating many different types of jewelry.

    We will create jewelry from clay, plastics, polymers, beads, metal, enamel and rubber.

    My goal for this class is to give you a passion for creating jewelry. Many of my students have gone on to fantastic careers in jewelry design and creation after taking this class.  You could be the next one!



    -2 pocket folder

    -6 small sandwich baggies…preferably the ones with the “ziploc”

    -supplies you may want to purchase if we don’t have certain beads or pieces you want

    -A box of facial tissues


    Classroom Policies:

    1.Clean up after yourself and help others around you...teamwork.

    -put away your project

    -put tools away in the proper location

    -wash the table

    2.Be on time for class

    -we already have limited time, don't make it shorter

    -if you are late 3 times you will have to deal with consequences

    3.Refrain from cell phone use

    -if you use it in class there will be consequences

    -phones do not do work well when exposed to clay and water...

    4.Please do not eat or drink in class (see me if extenuating circumstance)

    -chemicals and materials we use in the room make it unwise for you to eat or drink on or around the tables in this room

    -this is for your own health and safety

Last Modified on January 24, 2019