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    Studio In Art

    Student Expectations and Guidelines

    Mrs. PerrySmith 



    Welcome to Studio in Art!

    I am looking forward to an excellent year.

    Of course our main focus is to learn about art in all its forms...creativity, artists, Art treasures around WNY and the world, develop curiosity and discernment…but we have also designed the class to be an enjoyable experience.
    In order for us to create an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment combined, we must adhere to some specific guidelines.


    As follows:


    -Cellular phones are to be kept off and put away in a book bag or kept in your locker during class time.


    -If you arrive late to class there will be consequences.


    -When your instructor is teaching or requires your attention you give them 100% of your attention.


    I ask that you come to class with an open mind and positive attitude.

    I ask that you truly put forth your best effort in all you do for this class.

    I always do that for you.

    Thank you in advance for your positive attitudes and sense of adventure and creativity.

    Mrs. PerrySmith 





    Lancaster High School

    This supply list is for Mrs. PerrySmith 


    Dear Parents and Students,


    Below, please find a list of the mandatory supplies you will need for Studio in Art.  Many parents ask why students must purchase individual supplies for their art course.  Students will need these specific, quality supplies on hand to work independently on various projects and homework assignments.  Each student will be responsible for his or her own supplies.  The supplies will be used as an essential part of the class.


    You must purchase all of these supplies from Hyatt’s All Things Creative.  Hyatt’s is located on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.  Many parents ask why these supplies must be purchased at Hyatt’s.  We have tried to save you time and money by pre-ordering all the needed supplies through Hyatt’s so that you can avoid driving to multiple stores hunting for each listed item. Tell the clerk that you are from Lancaster High School so they can direct you to the supply table.  


    If it is easier and safer for you to get the supplies via Amazon, I have created a list on thier website the supplies. If you copy this link and place it into your search engine my Studio in Art Supply list will appear. The link for the supply list is: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1IHHSUG19AFSQ?ref_=wl_share


    Please email me if you cannot purchase supplies by the due date or if the cost of supplies presents a financial hardship.  My email address is: Aperrysmith@lancasterschools.org

    I am looking forward to a fantastic year with all of you!


    Supplies are due by:  Tuesday, September 15, 2020


    1. (1) 9x12 Spiral Sketchbook  (Richeson brand) 
    2. (6) #2 Pencils (Q11003)
    3. (1) Magic Rub Eraser (Q70300)
    4. (2) Black Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker (N44360)
    5. (1) Black Fine Sharpie Marker (N44300)
    6. (1) Set of Prismacolor colored pencils (Q01200)
    7. (1) Colorless Blender for colored pencils
    8. (1) M&R Pencil Sharpener (Q63012)
    9. (1) Package of colored regular tip permanent markers like Sharpie brand
    10. (1) A gallon plastic bag...aka: cheap supply storage bag






    SUPPLIES & QUOTE HOMEWORK: Due Tuesday 15, 2020

    If there is a problem getting any supplies by the due date, please email me to let me know what the status is...

    We are beginning with the line design project. We will be working on this for several weeks IN class.  Simultaneously we will be working on at home assignments that support what we are doing in class.  So it will be essential to keep up with weekly at home assignments!!!



    Class Participation Rubric


    You will be evaluated daily on the following rubric.

    You will receive a grade on your report card reflecting this daily evaluation.

    1.Punctuality: Always in class on time

    2.Preparation: Come into class, read front board, get supplies out, sit in assigned seat, ready for further instruction or begin working

    3.Craftsmanship: Work is of the highest quality

    4.Initiative: Work the entire class period, focused on the project

    5.Problem Solving: Show the ability to independently work through problems, efficiently ask for assistance

    6.Teamwork: Clean up when instructed to, not early. Help others who may need assistance with clean up or other class components

    7.Organization: Necessary supplies, project, etc. is easily accessible, not lost, you do not require “another copy”

    8.Efficiency: Work is handed in on time

    9.Attitude: Conscientious, hard-working, cooperative, positive, respectful of teacher and classmates

    10.Reliable: Can be depended on and trusted, cell phone is put away and not in use, supplies are respected

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