• Homework Policy

    Students will have homework (spelling, math, and to read 10-15 minutes) Monday-Thursday nights. Occasionally, students will be asked to study for math, social studies, or science quizzes/tests over the weekend to prepare for the following week. Homework is designed to reinforce the learning that took place during the school day.

    Students will be given time daily to write down their homework assignments in their agenda. Any study sheets and/or worksheets will be placed in their take-home folders or math/spelling homework folders. Agendas, take-home folders, and homework folders will be expected to go home every night.


    I hope that you will help reinforce the importance of nightly homework with your child. Your child should always take pride in their work and do their best job. This means that homework needs to be returned on time, completed neatly, and done in pencil.

    Please help your child, and myself, by reinforcing the idea that it is the student’s responsibility to complete their homework and to remember to bring it back to school. Please help your child come to school ready to learn. It is their job to be prepared.

    Helping your child learn these valuable life long skills early on will be to their advantage. Your support and encouragement are needed.

    **** If your child does not understand their homework or a question on a homework assignment...have them reread the directions or ask someone at home for help first. If they continue to have difficulties, please write me a quick parent note at the top of the paper so that I may assist them in class the following day.