• This year, students will be responsible for reading 20 minutes. A “treasure map” reading log will be sent home monthly and special rewards will be given for students that are completing their reading homework. A baggy book will be sent home as well, but feel free to read books from home or the public library, just please send them back and forth to school so we may discuss them periodically! If it is evident that your child is not reading, we will choose books for them and require comprehension questions to be answered along with the book.

    In addition to reading, students will receive Social Studies and Science homework on average 1 to 2 times per week.

    One change with homework this year is that your child will not be receiving nightly math assignments. Instead of nightly homework, I will be sending home review packets as we wrap up each unit. These will be optional, but students will be rewarded with extra credit if they choose to complete them. This will allow parents to see the things we are working on and can assist your child in studying for the unit tests.

    Most importantly, students are expected to complete their homework with little to no help. Reading with your child is a wonderful thing, but it does not mean that independent reading should be tossed away. Having your child read independently builds stamina and self-confidence as they progress through a book they didn’t think they could get through.   

    Please, contact me if your child is spending more than 60 minutes a night and/or is struggling and unable to complete the work without significant support!



Last Modified on September 23, 2018