• FAQs


    How do we create a lunch account?

    All students automatically have lunch accounts created. You can add to the
    account 2 ways:
    1. Students can bring a check into school (for any amount that you
    choose) and have the student take it down to the cafeteria. That
    amount will be deposited into the student
    account and he/she will be able to use it immediately.
    2. You can electronically add to a lunch account through the Lancaster
    website. This method does incur an added fee though.

    When you add money to the lunch account there is any opportunity to note
    whether or not the money can be used to buy snacks or if it is to be used
    towards lunches exclusively. If you have any more questions about the
    lunch program you can call William Street School between the hours of
    7:30am and 1:00pm and ask to be connected to the kitchen.

    Are students allowed to have snacks during the day?

    Students are allowed to bring a snack to school. We allow fresh fruit or vegetables to be brought in. We have this policy for several reasons; this helps promote wellness for our students and we know these types of snacks are safe for all students in our building, especially for students with food allergies.

    Are birthday celebrations allowed?

    YES! We love to recognize birthdays. Students are allowed to bring in a treat to share on their birthday. We ask that you send in all supplies needed for the treat (for example, if you send in a large cookie please send in plates or napkins to serve it on.) If your son/daughter has a summer birthday just let us know when you want to celebrate (sometimes students have fun celebrating on their half birthday.)

    When does Band start?

    What days do our students need to bring their instruments to school?
    Since Band does not start until the 2nd semester (end of January) students
    only need to bring their instruments to school on their regularly scheduled
    lesson day. All of the students were given a sheet that listed the lesson date,
    but if you have any questions about lessons please call William Street School
    and ask for the music suite extension.

Last Modified on March 10, 2020