Have fun exploring the websites below and practice the skills we are learning in school!
    For Practice with Decoding (Phonics) Skills: 
    For Practice with Comprehension Skills: 
       - Type first name
          - Type last name
           - Type in Class Code Piazz3 (be sure the P is capital) 
    For access to ebooks for the System 44 program:

    1.      Click on link: System 44 ebooks

    2.      The website will pop up that says eBook Library at the top.  Type in the district’s zip code (14086), then click “ok”.

    3.       Select correct school district (Lancaster Central School District) and click “go”.

    4.      Your child will type in their 44 username and password as stated below:

              Username: LastnameFirstnameMiddleInitial (be sure the beginning of each name is a capital)

              Password:   LCSD2016

    5.      There, on a virtual bookshelf, you can access all of our independent reading titles. The computer will read the book to you (just click play on the bottom tool bar), or you can read it yourself and simply click an unknown word to hear it read aloud. 



Last Modified on November 6, 2017