• Dear Parents and Students,
    Please check the agenda/planner nightly for the day's assignments.
    It is each student's responsibility to accurately record the homework assigned in the agenda; however, I do check and star each agenda every day for the first marking period, unless there is a time crunch, which is rare.  I will continue to check and star agendas only as needed after the first marking period.
    If a student is absent, he or she may get the homework assignments from a classmate or from me when he or she returns to school.  Parents are more than welcome to email me with requests for homework assignments when a student is absent, and I will do my best to provide them.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me, Ms. Alfano, with any questions or concerns about homework!  Email is generally preferred by me because I can usually respond more quickly and with more information than with other forms of communication; however, by all means, feel free to call or write me a note if that is what works for you!  My email address is galfano@lancasterschools.org.
    Ms. Alfano
Last Modified on August 15, 2018