• Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services


    A certified Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides:

    • Individual evaluations to determine level of Teacher of the Deaf/hearing service a child needs
    • Consult with staff members working with student regarding the child's progress and upcoming curriculum that needs to be previewed and reviewed
    • Adhere to proper testing accommodations across all settings
    • In-service staff members on modifications in classroom, working with an interpreter and/or teacher of the Deaf/hard of hearing, and assistive listening devices
    • Advocate for child's needs
    As a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, I work with the student in areas such as:
    • Language development (sign and spoken) 
    • Written language support
    • College preparation (i.e. college scholarships)
    • Self-advocacy and social skills
    • Enhancing listening ability
    • Troubleshooting assistive listening devices