• Google Classroom Codes 2020-21
    Remote Classes (periods 3 and 7) can only access Google Meet (for live classroom sessions) through Google Classroom
    Period 2 Group A           op4pagv
    Period 2 Group B           3qaijik
    Period 3 Group A           cct2er7                                    
    Period 3 Group B           w6ytmhr
    Period 4 Group A           sy7u37n
    Period 4 Group B           fyiknd4
    Period 5 Group A           p4wsp6u
    Period 5 Group B           gycnend
    Period 7 Group A           giyz4oo
    Period 7 Group B           6mfxboz
    I require all students to record each assignment in their agenda/ planner, or in the calendar section of a phone.  I do not let students leave the room without recording this information. Please ask to see your child's agenda or phone for nightly assignments.
    For unit tests and larger homework assignments, I will post these dates as they become confirmed.