•      Mrs. Heer’s Grading Policy





    ·        1 h.w. or in-class assignment grade/week

    ·        1 quiz grade every 1-2 weeks

    ·        Unit Tests (8) (count double)

    ·        WSS CFA’s (count double)



    ·        Novel Work (including some h.w. assignments)

    o   Folder grades count twice

    o   Work from modules

    ·        Weekly Vocab. Quizzes

    ·        Anthology Work/Practice Book

    ·        Unit Tests (double)

    ·        Mid-Term/Final Assessments from Anthology (double)



    ·        Spelling

    o   Weekly Tests

    o   Sentence Dictation

    ·        L.A.

    o   Written ResponseTasks

    o   Guided and Independent Writing Projects

    o   Essay Portion of Unit Reading Tests (double)

    o   Content Area Writing (will be averaged into L.A. and content area)



    o   Quizzes (1 every 1-2 weeks)

    o   Homework/In-Class Assignment (usually 1 per week)

    o   Unit Tests (double)






Last Modified on October 6, 2014