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    The goal of this course is to provide students with a thorough and in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of art, building on what they have learned in middle school through rich and meaningful creative experiences. Over the duration of the school year, students will participate in a number of thematic units that not only involve the production of art, but also the practice of art criticism, aesthetics, and the introduction of significant artists, artistic movements, and historical references. These units are driven by guided questions that are designed to develop students' critical thinking and creative problem solving abilities. Students will explore a variety of techniques and media including drawing, painting, working with layouts and compositions, printmaking and much more!  


    Student Expectations and Guidelines

    Mrs. PerrySmith & Mrs. Grobe

    Welcome to Studio in Art!
    We are looking forward to a fantastic year. Our main focus is, of course, to learn about art…but we have also designed the class to be fun.
    In order for us to create an atmosphere of learning and fun combined, we must adhere to some specific guidelines.
    As follows:
    -Cellular phones are to be kept off and put away in a book bag or kept in your locker during class time.
    -If you arrive late to class you will be given detention.
    -When your instructor is teaching or requires your attention you give them 100% of your attention.
    You come to class with a positive attitude. We ask that you truly put forth your best effort in all you do for this class. We always do that for you.
    Thank you in advance for your positive attitudes and, sense of adventure and creativity.

    Mrs. PerrySmith & Mrs. Grobe

    Studio in Art: Supply List

    Lancaster High School

    Mrs. PerrySmith & Mrs. Grobe
    Dear Parents and Students,
    Below please find a list of the mandatory supplies you will need for Studio in Art.
    Many parents ask why students must purchase individual supplies for their art course.  Students will need these specific, quality supplies on hand to work independently on various projects and homework assignments.  Each student will be responsible for his or her own supplies.  The supplies will be used regularly in class as well and will be kept in the classroom except for specific assignments.
    Many parents ask why these supplies must be purchased at Hyatt’s.  We have tried to save you time and money by preordering all the needed supplies through Hyatt’s so that you can avoid driving to multiple stores hunting for each listed item.  Tell the clerk that you are from Lancaster High School so they can direct you to the supply table.  Please leave a message for your child’s art teacher 686-3255 ext. 9355 (Mrs. Grobe)  if the cost of supplies presents a financial hardship.

    1. (1) 9 x 12 Spiral Sketchbook (Richeson)
    2. (6) #2 Pencils (Q11003)
    3. (1) Magic Rub Eraser (Q70300)
    4. (2) Black Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker (N44360) 
    5. (1) Black Fine Sharpie Marker (N44300
    6. (1) Set of Prismacolor colored pencils (Q01200)
    7. (1) Colorless Blender for colored pencils
    8. (1) Handheld Sharpener
    9. 3 magazines (school appropriate, varied topics, to be used for art projects ex: collage)
    10. 1 box of facial tissues 
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