• homework  


    Kindergarten homework will begin in October.  Your child will bring a homework BINGO board each month.  This procedure will also be explained at Open House in September.
    The first school day of each month, your child will bring home a BINGO board with a variety of skills covered.  We ask that each student try to complete a minimum of three "BINGO's" on each board. The homework BINGO board is expected to be returned to school on the last school day of that month.  
    On the back on each homework BINGO sheet, you will find the letters/sounds and sight words that will be covered each week in that month.  Please note that this work is cumulative, and as you practice at home, continue to practice all of the previous taught letters and words.
    In addition to the homework BINGO, please also look for any supplemental homework sheets that may come home in your child's folder on the "Return to School" side.