• Just when you think that speaking & writing foreign languages is way too difficult for you, check out how English works:

    The Vowel Combination --OU--

    couch rough bought could soup your
    proud tough fought would group
    house young thought should

    The Vowel Combination --EA--

    pea thread bear
    beach head pear

    More Confusion

    they're were be dear
    their whirr bee deer

    What is the Meaning of this?

    tear dear pear
    tear dare peer

    The Long Sound of "A"

    (a) fade (ai) braid (eigh) sleigh
    (ay) may (ey) whey (au) gauge

    The Sound of "SH"

    (sh) ship (ch) chauvinist (tion) constitution
    (cien) efficient (cian) musician

    And what about those Plurals?

    mouse » mice ox » oxen
    knife » knives roof » roofs

    but,... shrimp » shrimp
    fish » fish
    moose » moose
    deer » deer

    Silent Consonants

    would catch island
    write known enough
    listen thumb design

Last Modified on March 8, 2019