The Rules:

    1.    Be on Time to class

    2.    All students shall show respect toward teachers, students, materials, and equipment.

    3.    Be prepared to class having notebook and all class related material with you.

    4.    No food or drinks in the classroom.

    5.    No cell phones, IPods, or video games are allowed.

    6.    No outside software is to be used or installed on the computers.

    7.    No music CDs are to be played on the computer.

    8.    The computers are for class work only NO GAMES.

    9.    Students will be released from class when work area is clean, tools are put away, and student is logged off of computer

    10.   Destruction of school property will not be tolerated.

    11.  The internet is used for course content related material, any improper use will result in loss of computer privileges.


    Failure to follow these simple rules will affect the student’s grade. If a student is continually disrupting the class they are taking away from the other students learning experience and therefore will be penalized. Disrespectful rude behavior will not be tolerated in the class room. If there are students that are insubordinate to the rules and need more than one warning a day will lose points off of their participation grade. I hope that no student’s grade will suffer due to this problem, and I think it is possible with the help of you the parent/guardian.



                The majority of your student’s grade will be dependent on the amount of work and effort put into the projects completed in this class. If your student shows up with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new things and work each day there should be no chance of a poor grade. Listed below are the percentages used to calculate the final grade.

    • Projects:                                 35%
    • Homework/Class work:        25%                         (Percentages may vary according to amount
    • Tests:                                     15%                            of projects completed each semester.)
    • Participation:                         10%
    • Final Exam:                           15%


    • TOTAL:                                100%