• Attendance Policy
    Lancaster High School's attendance policy also applies to Physical Education classes.  It states that students must be present a minimum of 85% of the time in order to receive credit for the course.
             Level 1- Counselor notification/intervention
    Grade                Absences                        Course
    11/12                     10                               Full Year
    9/10                       10                              Full Year
           * After 6 absences the teacher will make a phone call home.
               Level 2- Audit (denial of credit)
    Grade                Absences (allowed)        Course
    11/12                    14                           Full Year
    9/10                      14                           Full Year
    *  As stated in the school's attendance policy, class make-ups must be arranged with the teacher within 5 school days of the excused absence or they can not be made up.
    * This make up will only count toward your participation grade, it can not erase an absence (counted toward the attendance policy).
    * Unprepared and class cuts can not be made up, therefore the student will not receive credit for that day.
    * For further information on attendance policy please check student handbook

Last Modified on June 27, 2019