• Physical Education Medical Make Up




    The following "Article Summary" assignments are meant to supplement the Physical Education classes that a student cannot participate in due to a legally excused medical issue. This project is NOT optional and IS REQUIRED in order to obtain a grade for the current marking period.

    Writing Assignment:

    You are to choose an article "on-line" that is health/fitness related, OR related to the P.E. units covered in class (past or present).
    After reading the article you will:

    1. (Paragraph #1) Write a thorough and concise summary of the article (in your on words)

    2. (Paragraph #2) Give me you opinion/review/critique of the article; tell me what you learned, and your personal experience with this topic of discussion.

    To receive full credit you must turn in:

    1. 1 page typed, per article, per each day missed (double spaced, 12 font)...so, if you miss 5 classes, you owe me 5 article summaries

    2. Copy the URL (include the website)

    You will be graded on a 4 point rubric system:
    1. 2 points = article summary; grammar, spelling & content

    2. 2 points = opinion/critique; as well as personal experience, etc.

    *** Important- please note that 1 of the above article summaries needs to be completed for EACH class missed

Last Modified on February 5, 2019