• What is BYOD?
    Bring Your Own Device. Personal devices will be able to gain Internet access via the LCSD WiFi network.
    Who is it for?
    Faculty, staff and students!
    When can it be used? 
    At the beginning of the 2nd Semester.
    Will it be filtered?
    Yes, to the same level as if you are using a district device.
    New vocabulary!
    Device Agnostic - Not tied to a particular device. Same as "machine independent." It also refers to Web sites that are as readable in mobile devices as they are on desktop computers. from http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/63798/device-agnostic
    Will it remember your credentials?
    Yes it will.  
    Lots of them!
    Able to use all the cool web tools we have been showing people like Socrative, Nearpod and   many others! Makes data collection easy. 
    No more waiting for a computer lab. Do not need to reserve a class set of devices
    Increases student motivation by personalizing their learning! Students are able to move at   their own pace. Opportunity to make your lessons more interactive and engaging!
Last Modified on October 15, 2018