This portion of the website is run by the members of the Communications Sub-Committee; one of the four Sub-Committees which make up the LHS New Mascot Organizational Committee.  
    Our Organizing Committee is comprised of 21 High School  students who have been invited to be a members of this committee by the Officers of the Student Union - Lancaster High School’s student government. Their invitations were based on two components; inclusion of as many groups/grade levels as possible within the building and past demonstrations of commitment and reliability. At Lancaster we are very proud of all of our extra-curricular activities and as we constructed this organizational structure our goal was to include as many students who belong to many of the over 50 clubs and 70 sports teams that are offered at LHS. The students on the Organizing Committee will NOT be choosing the new mascot and nickname, but have been responsible for creating the process that will include every student in grades 4-12 in the mascot selection process, including the selection of the new nickname and mascot from more than 115 submissions. Additionally, we are working with student leaders from both Lancaster Middle School and William Street School to both include them in this learning opportunity and bring value to their opinions as they are the students who will be building upon our new legacy.

    Our goal is to share with you our student-developed process for creation and selection of a new nickname and logo for our schools.  We understand that this has been a very emotional process for our town and especially our students.  With all that we have done and will continue to do, we will be respectful of our past but look with enthusiasm to the future.