•  Ms. Kuras's First Grade Class



    I'm delighted to be your child's teacher. We are going to have a wonderful year together. My son was always anxious to discover which kids were in his classroom,so I've included our class list in hopes you'll see some familiar first names from the neighborhood/past classes. 

    Here's the entire list of kids from our class. Please use this list when creating your Valentines.  



    1. Madison A.    

    2. Ella B.    

    3. Crystalyn B.    

    4. Brennan C.    

    5. Matthew C.    

    6. Anna C.    

    7. Nathan D.    

    8. Kieran D.      

    9. Olivia E.

    10. Chanell E.  

    11.  Justin F.  

    12. Austin L.    

    13. Dagon M.  

    14. Juliette M.    

    15. Allianna P.  

    16. Maeve S.  

    17. Amaiya S.    

    18. Abrielle S.  

    19. Damian S.  

    20. Keller Z.

    21. Corey A.

    22. Hannah B.

    23. Selena N.