• Sixth Grade Newbery Book Club 
    Come and join our new and exciting sixth grade book club this year.  The members of this club will be William Street’s Newbery Selection Committee.  Each year the American Library Association picks one children's book to be the winner of the Newbery Award.  This year the members of William Street’s book club will meet together and discuss this year’s contenders. Each student will be responsible for reading each of the books selected as they attend the club meetings. At our last meeting we will hold a vote and choose our winner.  Get ready to read the best books from 2015!
    All books are available to borrow from the William Street Library. 
     Circus Mirandus War that Saved My Life The Marvels Roller Girl Echo
    This club will meet eight times in the library media center from 3-4. Late buses will be available. 
    Meeting Dates:
    October 21
    November 4
    November 18
    December 2
    December 16
    January 6
    January 20
    February 3
    To register, please complete this Registration Form.