• Classroom Policies /Procedures/ Rules

    Technology Education
    Mr. Streit

    Classroom Rules

    All students shall show respect toward teachers, students, materials, equipment, etc.
    Students should come prepared to class everyday with the necessary supplies.
    Students must complete work in a timely fashion. Students are required to meet deadlines for projects/assignments given.
    Students must maintain a safe working/learning environment that is not disruptive to working students.

    Disciplinary Actions:

    Student will receive a verbal reminder of the rules by name.
    Student is asked to stay after class.
    Student will receive a detention with the teacher after school.
    Teacher will call home to discuss problem with a parent/guardian.
    If issue is still unresolved, student will serve an administrative detention.

    Grading Policy

    Your grade will consist of several categories taken into account:
    - Projects
    - Quizzes
    - Homework
    - Effort
    - Class Participation

Last Modified on March 15, 2019