• Academic Overview

    Academic Expectations:

    Students are required to be prepared for each class. This includes an on-time arrival, and students should have their notebook, folder, something to write with, and agenda planner each day. None of these will be supplied by the teacher.

    Students are expected to actively participate in class, including notetaking and participation in discussions. They will never sleep.

    After a student absence, it is the student's responsibility to have a conversation with me to find out what they missed.

    Grading Policies:

    English 10R:

    All homework assignments are due at the beginning of class. For many assignments, this will be the student's only opportunity to receive credit.
    For most writing assignments, students may turn in the assignment one day after the due date and receive a 25% penalty. After this time period no credit will be given.

    Students will never have an opportunity for extra credit.

    Grades are broken down into weighted units each quarter. The amount of weight assigned to each unit varies each quarter.

    Journalism I:

    All assignments are due at the end of each class.

    If students miss a publishing deadline, they will be assessed a 50% penalty, and receive an additional 10% off for each day after the deadline.

    Each assignment is given a point value, and averages are determined by the number of points earned in the quarter.