•  Transforming Teaching and Learning Through Technology
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    “Technology can be a powerful tool for transforming learning. It can help affirm and advance relationships between educators and students, reinvent our approaches to learning and collaboration, shrink long-standing equity and accessibility gaps, and adapt learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners.”

    National Technology Plan (2016)

    We encourage you to explore the myriad and multi-faceted ways in which the Lancaster Central School District is maximizing your investment in educational technology. As dramatically as technology has changed in the last decade, so, too, has our approach to instruction. This is due, in no small measure, to the vast expanses of learning potential that technological advances have opened to us, but also our faculty, staff, and students’ enthusiasm for exploration and experimentation. 

    Technology applications vary throughout the district, dependent on grade levels and content groupings. Chromebooks are available in all buildings, for all classrooms. One of the challenges of deploying 2800+ Chromebooks throughout the district is to ensure that they are being efficiently and effectively used, and consistently available and operational for teachers who wish to incorporate them into instruction.

    What’s next on the horizon? Technology advances are hard to predict, but in November 2014, New York State voters approved the $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act, authorizing the issuance of bonds to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure.  Lancaster’s share of the bond act is roughly $2.98 million. Among other allocations, a portion of the funding is eligible to be spent on bringing additional instructional technology devices to classrooms throughout the district. 
Last Modified on August 17, 2017