Meeting with a college representative who visits LHS is a great way to get information about campus life and admission requirements, and to make a personal impression on the Admissions Officer.  Often times the Admissions Rep that visits LHS is the same person who reads your application and makes a recommendation to approve your application! 

    •  Please sign up to meet with a representative through your Naviance account.  
    • Add schools to the "Colleges I am Thinking About" section of Naviance to receive personalized invitations to meet with representatives who visit LHS.


    College Representatives   www.repvisits.com

    The Lancaster High School Counseling Center welcomes colleges to send admissions representatives to visit with students at our school. 

    We utilize www.repvisits.com  for college reps to make their appointments.  Appointments are scheduled on the hour from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. daily, with a maximum of 3 colleges each day.  Confirmation emails from our secretary will be sent after September 1.  


    School Counselors
    A-Con Mrs. Megan Hewett
    (716) 686-3229  mhewett@lancasterschools.org
    Coo-Gl Mrs. Rebecca O'Connor (716) 686-3265  roconnor@lancasterschools.org
    Mrs. Nancy Hejaily
    (716) 686-3264  nhejaily@lancasterschools.org
    Kv-M Mrs. Jodi Coleman (716) 686-3263  jcoleman@lancasterschools.org
    Mr. Don Marchese
    Department Chair
    (716) 686-3853  dmarchese@lancasterschools.org
    Pi-Sti Mrs. Claudia Tryjankowski    (716) 686-3261  ctryjankowski@lancasterschools.org
    Stj-Z Mrs. Danielle Len (716) 686-3399  dlen@lancasterschools.org


    Mrs. Nancy Rinow     (716)  686-3259  nrinow@lancasterschools.org
    Mrs. Donna Speyer (716)  686-3258 dspeyer@lancasterschools.org
Last Modified on September 14, 2017